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Thomas Salomon, my brother is a photographer!

Thomas Salomon is a photographer based in Paris, born in 1992.

Passionate about photography from an early age and more particularly photojournalism, he decided to turn his passion into his daily life.

In 2014, he is holder of the Icart-Photo Bachelor and the European Bachelor of photography. At school, he discovered the silver photography, baths and prints.

He gets a taste of travel to make a series of portraits marked by cultural differences. New York with his series "Placard", in Cuba with his series related to the Revolution, it highlights the snapshot of the human character.

In his portraits, Thomas also highlights the joy and complicity expressed through the eyes, captured in often difficult living conditions.

Alongside his personal series, he collaborates with the newspaper "Le Parisien" covering various facts, political and sporting events. His main publications are visible following websites : Paris Match, France 3, France intern and France Culture.

You can follow his personal and professional projects on his website: www.thomassalomon.com