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Thomas Salomon, my brother is a photographer!

Thomas Salomon is a photographer based in Paris, born in 1992.

Passionate about photography from an early age and more particularly photojournalism, he decided to turn his passion into his daily life.

In 2014, he is holder of the Icart-Photo Bachelor and the European Bachelor of photography. At school, he discovered the silver photography, baths and prints.

He gets a taste of travel to make a series of portraits marked by cultural differences. New York with his series "Placard", in Cuba with his series related to the Revolution, it highlights the snapshot of the human character.

In his portraits, Thomas also highlights the joy and complicity expressed through the eyes, captured in often difficult living conditions.

Alongside his personal series, he collaborates with the newspaper "Le Parisien" covering various facts, political and sporting events. His main publications are visible following websites : Paris Match, France 3, France intern and France Culture.

You can follow his personal and professional projects on his website: www.thomassalomon.com

Tropical Travelogue, discover 3 major Asian capitals in video!

In August 2012, I travelled with my family in the East and South-East Asia to visit 3 beautiful and different cities : Bangkok, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Two years later, I'm finally proud to share 3 videos of my trip, one for each city. This project called "Tropical Travelogue" is also available on my Vimeo account.

I hope you'll enjoy these places, civilizations and cultures. it's a real taste of summer to watch in HD with three varying atmospheres!

Technical informations: I filmed the clips with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Reset the scene, a new cinema concept on Instagram!


You can now discover my new website where you'll find an overview of my personal artistic projects.

By the way, it's also the best moment to introduce you my last Instagram project called "Reset the scene (in 15 seconds)". From Monday to Friday of each week, I release one video clip per day on my Instagram account : @resetthescene

What are we talking about? Let us come back to some common sense: Cinema, dammit!

In each clip of 15 seconds (maximum tolerated format), you'll can enjoy one of my favorite movie scene accompanied by a selected music. The purpose of this project is to share with you my passion for the seventh art. Furthermore, my point of view may be deferred from each original scene. Indeed, everyone feels in different ways when we are looking a good scene. There are many visions we retain from our famous scenes: Beauty, violence, frightness, sympathy or empathy, and even more!

I hope you will appreciate my future daily extracts, and maybe discover some new anthological moments. The only promise I can give you is that when I saw these unforgettable movie scenes, I said to myself:

"Jesus, it's f*$%^ng awesome, it's super badass, it makes me cry... haha!"

In conclusion, if you are an assiduous filmgoer or a connoisseur don't hesitate to share this new project with your friends, and to comment each video. I wanna know why you loved or hated this scene!

Follow my activity:

- on Instagram: @resetthescene

- on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Resetthescene

- on Twitter: @nicolassalomon

Enjoy the show!